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Jani Monoses jani at
Sat Jan 19 10:32:24 UTC 2008

Vincent wrote:
> On 18/01/2008, *Patrick Mooney* <pmooney78 at 
> <mailto:pmooney78 at>> wrote:
>     Good morning,
>     I'm a new Xubuntu user migrating from Windows 2000. I'm having several
>     problems, one of which results in a message asking me to report an
>     error.
>     1. I can't bring up a terminal window. I've been trying to do so as
>     described in chapter 5 of the online Xubuntu documentation, and
>     neither of
>     the following methods work: "Choose Applications → Accessories
>     → Terminal; or press Alt+F2 and type xfce4-terminal." Both result in
>     the same thing: I hear the monitor click as the graphics card
>     switches back
>     into a text mode. Before the monitor warms back up enough to see what's
>     going on, it switches modes again I see the login screen, just like
>     when I
>     first boot up.

There's a known and reported bug which causes xfce4-terminal to crash 
the X session on certain cards - intel i810 has been reported often I 
think. I do not know if it's an xfce4-terminal or libvte or X bug but it 
has been there for the past two releases unfortunately.
If someone who can reproduce it could take it up with upstream 
developers and try to get assistance in debugging the problem that would 


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