xubuntu screen reader

Jani Monoses jani at ubuntu.com
Sat Feb 16 08:31:11 UTC 2008

XFCE_is_cool wrote:
> Hi,
> Would a screen reader have to be made for the xubuntu desktop in order for 
> blind people to use it? Or, could orca be ported and made to work with 
> xubuntu?


orca should work just fine in Xubuntu.
Is it on the liveCD, if you select the accessibility options from the 
boot menu it should start orca. I made it work for 6.10 but I haven't 
tested since.
On a nexisting Xubuntu system just install gnome-orca and the speech 
synthesis tools uused in Ubuntu, it is espeak I think.

let us know if something needs more work.


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