Proposal: include gnome in xubuntu

Vincent imnotb at
Thu Feb 14 11:00:19 UTC 2008

On 14/02/2008, Olivier Keun <olivier at> wrote:
> Now there is a mission statement, and ofcourse you might not be
> interested in the user-friendliness-priority of Mint, but Xubuntu is
> neither superfast nor superfriendly.
> So why should one pick Xubuntu in the first place, that's the important
> question to ask (y)ourselves.
> P.s., i am not using Mint myself, don't intend to advocate it and am
> still sticking to Xubuntu (for now), but you have to admit this is where
> we are missing the boat. Xubuntu has no convincing message to convey in
> any field, except that it's "sort of like Ubuntu, but a little less
> functional and  a little less bloated".
> --

Yes, the main question now seems to be Xubuntu's direction which, as Cody
said, noone really knows. Unfortunately, none of the devs have responded to
my question of what they think Xubuntu's goals are [1]. Without a final word
on Xubuntu's goal, this problem will always be waiting to surface.


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