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vidd vidd at
Tue Feb 12 19:02:24 UTC 2008

Jani Monoses wrote:
>> While knowing what kind of security issue would be nice to know, knowing 
>> there is an application on my system with a known, unpatched security 
> Can someone please share the link to the bug?
>>> Personally (though I think many will agree with me), I find a double 
>>> confirmation window *far* less annoying then not being able to unmount 
>>> my stuff at all due to permissions issues.
>> I dont mount and unmount drives, cd's, floppies, or other media, so my 
>> opinion  here  is  unimportant.  I  simply  do  not  have  working  
>> experience  to form  a  worthwhile  opinion, so I would be inclined  to 
>> non-gnome  if possible
> gnome-mount is only gnome in its name. I sent the patches upstream to 
> remove libgnome deps way before 7.10.
>>>       - xfce4-taskmanager: not buggy anymore since I reverted your broken
>>>     upload, and it does integrate well with the rest of the xfce desktop.
>>> I don't see how it integrates better, but in any case, 
>>> gnome-system-monitor has a lot of advantages. As I've mentioned 
>>> before, just listing Xubuntu's version in the System tab is a huge 
>>> benefit when trying to help people. Next to that, the Resources tab 
>>> also provides useful information that you'd have to miss in 
>>> xfce4-taskmanager.
>> I ran both g-s-m and xfce4-taskmanager side by side
>>     g-s-m is
>>         visually more appealing
>>         using between 19-52 % of my CPU
>>     xfce4-taskmanager is
>>        more spartan
>>        using between 5-17 % of my CPU
>> Why would the user need this application except to shut down an 
>> out-of-control app?
>> Granted,  as  a  tech  support  tool,  it  may  have  some  benefit. But 
>> for the average user,  how often are they actually going to use this 
>> system tab once the system is running? The resource tab is a nice touch 
>> that some users may find appealing....but those users are more likely 
>> going to display that info in panel plugins or some other method, rather 
>> then open g-s-m and leave it up. Does the File systems tab do anything 
>> but give you a less detailed output of the cli command "df"?
> Not exacly. The panel plugins take up extra memory *all the time* so 
> they are not the same thing. New user do not know what df is so yes, 
> that helps too.
> The target users are those new to Linux but whoe computers cannot easily 
> run Ubuntu. The ones with more experience can use command lines or 
> whatever else they want, because they know how to.
>> I see  no  truely  compelling reason for choosing g-s-m over 
>> xfce4-taskmanager
> You have just enumerated such reasons how do you not see them?
> Jani
Looks better is not a compelling reason IMO, and uses more CPU is a 
compelling reason not to use it.
As I said, the only reason for a task manager is to graphically kill a 
The other features are not needed for this, and therefore unneeded 
bloat, better handled by other other applications or panel plugins at 
the user's discretion
Since, as you say, the target audience is users new to Linux but who's 
computers cannot easily run Ubuntu, I should think you would agree that 
getting the lightest apps that do the intended purpose without wasting 
recourses is more important then "looks cool and has stuff you probably 
will never look at"


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