Xubuntu docs and Ubuntu-Server docs

vidd vidd at crosslink.net
Mon Feb 11 21:38:08 UTC 2008

Jani Monoses wrote:
>> Including yelp will also make help work in gnome-system-tools and other 
>> apps where hard GNOME dependencies were removed and the apps calls out 
>> to yelp to display the docs. Those who do not have yelp get an error 
>> dialog, others see the docs.
> Which makes me think about how this adding of GNOME apps is actually is 
> a help to Xubuntu/Xfce.
> "Look we can have all those apps and still be a lighter desktop". As 
> opposed to "You have those apps but we are lighter".
> Apps run explicitly are not the ones that cause the bloat we all see.
> If the base system or GTK is slow or font rendering got worse there is 
> really not a solution to strip away features that have nothing to do 
> with it.
> It will remain slow but also poorer.
> So people deflecting to Fluxbuntu are actually showing that GTK/Xfce are 
> not immune to the slowdown, otherwise they would just have removed the 
> extra GNOME apps and be happy.
> Jani
Or people deflecting to Fluxbuntu are saying "xubuntu is becoming ubuntu 
with a theme, rather then a lightweight desktop environment" and went 

But we digress from the topic of this thread


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