seed changes

Jani Monoses jani at
Mon Feb 11 19:40:16 UTC 2008

Jérôme Guelfucci wrote:
> "I did the change after writing here and having been ignored for a
> couple of days."
> -> LOL
> You modified the seeds the same day as you launched this thread...

True, but I started the discussion before in another thread.

First post to this list on Jan 31th subject gnome apps.
Reread that thread and see how rude and misplaced your answers were to 
my polite and valid question.

On Feb 5 , after 5 days, I modified the seed because you and Lionel did 
not answer my questions and posted to the list about it, and that 
finally triggered some more discussions.

timestamp: Tue 2008-02-05 15:28:55 +0200
   restore gnome-mount, gnome-screensaver, gnome-games, 
gnome-system-manager. They are better maintained and offer more features 
at no cost

So 5 days: no LOL.

You are wrong again. As you and Lionel were wrong accusing me about 
doing the same thing you did in 7.10. Then I fought in pointless 
flamewars coming up with technical arguments while you kept on the 
emotional side and saying this is the beginning and everything will be 
GNOME and there is no point in making Xubuntu anymore.
Because you or anyone else had no valid arguments, I made the changes.

Totally unlike what you did, so please never again claim this especially 
since the list archives prove you wrong.

> The reasons have already been given, Xubuntu ships XFCE so we take
> XFCE applications, except xfbrun and xfmedia which are totally broken,
> unusable (choose what you want)... Feel free to install whatever you
> want after that. There is no point in duplicating what is done in
> Xubuntu.

I did not argue against Xfce. Do not confuse Xfce core which I never 
questioned with anything other that happens to be under the Xfce umbrella.

Being an Xfce project is little more than having a subdomain or links 
from the Xfce site. Those apps do not pass any kind of scrutiny and are 
far below the quality of Xfce core.

So again, stop mixing the two things because you unintentionally confuse 
others not familiar with the subject.

Xfce core is good. Most other Xfce apps, not so good.
And as you said, no need duplicating what is done in Ubuntu. That is why 
I want to reuse those apps, not include their pointless duplications 
which are less mature, and cause extra maintenance.

> "Look at Ubuntu, do you think the direction of the distro is made based
> on number of bugs closed or packages uploaded? No, it is made by
> talking, figuring out goals and acting on them. We do not have such a
> formal proces, but talking is a must in our case as well."
> Or maybe because they developp things, fix things, and package things
> without a Jani to make their work impossible...

No, it's not because of that.


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