Xubuntu and LTS?

Jani Monoses jani at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 11 18:10:59 UTC 2008

> That'd be my typing. I know Xubuntu is not supported by Canonical, but 
> it does receive security updates for a longer period. So, does that mean 
> Xubuntu is an LTS and the text on xubuntu.org <http://xubuntu.org> is 
> correct, or should I update the website?

In practice I do not think there have been more than a handful of 
updates to Xubuntu apps which are not in Ubuntu, so I think it is 
misleading to call it LTS. We do not guarantee that we fix Xfce, 
Gnumeric, Abiword or other packages issues. It is usually better 
supported than a regular release since base system and apps where most 
security issues are found are taken care of.

We may need a better explanation but I think LTS implies Canonical paid 
support is valid for the same period (someone needs to check) and that 
is definitely not the case for Xubuntu yet.

This is why having more common apps with Ubuntu is great for users who 
want more timely fixes after the release. And I think those users are 
more important than those few who are interested in Xfce itself and are 
more technically inclined. Those will install any app they wish instead 
of the GNOME ones and accept the lack of features or integration because 
it's their choice.


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