seed changes

Jani Monoses jani at
Mon Feb 11 14:07:51 UTC 2008

> I think they need to be made aware of your heavy handed tactics, 

Please do not abuse the vocabulary this way or we'll have to invent new 
words to characterize what Microsoft does.

> swapping out the seed just before a major benchmark Alpha release, with 
> about 2 months before the final, long-term support version is due for 
> release....therefore undermining a project THAT YOU DONT BELONG TO ANYMORE

The more you write, the more you reveal your utter lack of clue:

1) Xubuntu was never a long term release and will not be in the 
foreseeable future, so being in an LTS dev cycle is irrelevant here

2) If you actually cared about support and maintainability you'd agree 
with me that apps that have been tested for years in GNOME and are part 
of Xubuntu in 7.10 have actually a much better chance of being long term 
supported than apps put in because they are made by people affiliated 
with Xfce and are bringing no advantage to the table.

3) Your Caps Lock key is on.


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