seed changes

Jani Monoses jani at
Mon Feb 11 13:37:33 UTC 2008

vidd wrote:
> Jani Monoses wrote:
>> Jani Monoses wrote:
>>> I have not seen any answers to justify the seed changes so I reverted 
>>> the least controversial ones to 7.10 state.
>> I am still waiting from Lionel and Jerome to answers to my questions,
>> and justifications on a per-package basis for each change as I did for 7.10.
>> Jani
> What about this for justification?
> Jani publicly quit the project
> Lionel and Jerome did not
> Is there really any other reason needed?

I fail to see the logic in that, probably because there is none. Any 
leader of a project has to justify or at least explain what is behind 
his decisions. Otherwise I could just as publicly state that I am back 
and we can start a pointless and long fight if none of the sides wishes 
to back up its positions. As a user of Xubuntu I demand to know why 
these decisions were made.

So please refrain from perpetrating bogus ideas such as the above.

This being said, if I get no clear answers and truly open development 
I'll take this before the Ubuntu Community Council and ask everyone 
involved to attend. This is not just about Xubuntu, it is about ignoring 
fundamental principles of open development that govern the Ubuntu community.


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