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Charlie Kravetz cjk at teamcharliesangels.com
Wed Feb 6 17:24:17 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-06 at 09:15 +0100, Vincent wrote:
> On 06/02/2008, Charlie Kravetz <cjk at teamcharliesangels.com> wrote:
>         As a user and seldom a tester, I have followed these
>         discussions with
>         some amazement. The first time I tried Xubuntu on my old
>         400Mhz cpu
>         machine, I was amazed at the speed at which it loaded and ran
>         applications. I loved the colors, clean panels, and most apps.
>         I did not find everything easy to use and change, nor did I
>         expect to.
>         It seemed to be a great desktop, but more advanced than Ubuntu
>         with
>         Gnome was. It ran fast, which meant to me that I would have to
>         work a
>         little harder to learn how to manipulate what I wanted to get
>         the
>         changes I wanted. That was fine. You get _what you pay for_,
>         right?
>         I have since promoted Xubuntu every chance I get, even when
>         some would
>         dispute the idea that no version of ubuntu could be run on
>         older
>         hardware with small memory and slow cpu´s. 
> The problem is that that might be true: the Ubuntu base is the
> bottleneck and thus our requirements will be higher if the base grows
> larger. Of course, Xubuntu is still lighter than Ubuntu, but there is
> a limit.
>         That got me in trouble a
>         couple of times, but, so what. I know a good OS when I use it.
>         I am
>         sorry to see what is now happening. If the current issues
>         result in a
>         split just because people have different opinions, that would
>         be a very
>         wrong thing! That would mean a lot of effort goes wasted, and
>         a lot of
>         processes start over. That also means users like me get left
>         out in the
>         cold again. Do we stay at version 6.01 or 7.10?
>         Please find a common ground again. I know all of you guys
>         worked
>         together at one time. There must be a way to set aside
>         differences and
>         strive once again for a common goal.
> But what if there just is no common ground? Unfortunately none of the
> developers have responded so far so we still do not know what they
> have in mind exactly. We can try and pretend there is a common ground
> by not speaking out one's preferences, but in the end, this won't
> work. If the developers' goals are quite similar then it is possible
> to find a common ground, but if they differ greatly then it's better
> to know than to pretend there is no difference.

I see what you are saying, but for the most part, a big part of this
appears to be _change for the sake of change_? I would much prefer to
see any application that does work over the same type that does not
work. I firmly believe that to _change because it seems time to change_
will sink any group, unless it is very well thought out first. 

Common ground can be found by each side agreeing to disagree with each
other, but also agreeing to work towards a common goal. Perhaps the
answer is that we need a version of Xubuntu to be released with Hardy.
Most users learn rapidly that they are not locked into any of the apps
that came preinstalled, so why not let them install there own choices? 

It has been said several times that it matters little if the name of a
_rose_ were any other name, it would not change the smell.

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