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Vincent imnotb at
Tue Feb 5 16:58:07 UTC 2008

On 05/02/2008, Jérôme Guelfucci <jerome.guelfucci at> wrote:
> I will not contribute to Xubuntu anymore until the development team of
> Xubuntu is able to do things that Jani do not want. You haven't done
> anything for Xubuntu Hardy, why are you modifying the seeds ? Remeinds
> me of the Gutsy development where Lionel took care of packaging, I
> took care of bug triage, and one month before the release super Jani
> modifies the seeds, so that he can say he has done something, and that
> he is the super boss.

On the other hand, you are doing about the same. Though I may not be a
direct contributor packaging-wise, I do feel part of the Xubuntu community
and, as such, feel bypassed with all those change you made without any
discussion, or even a notification.

Likewise, I could decide to stop maintaining the website, and could stop
helping Xubuntu users. I don't feel like taking such drastic measures,
though, but I *would* like to be involved.


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