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Lionel Le Folgoc mrpouit at
Tue Feb 5 14:00:42 UTC 2008


On Feb 5, 2008 2:37 PM, Jani Monoses <jani at> wrote:
> I have not seen any answers to justify the seed changes so I reverted
> the least controversial ones to 7.10 state.
> If there is any objection please speak now, and say which package should
> not have been reverted today and why.
> I want to start discussing the pros and cons of keeping gnumeric/goffice
> and evince forked and maintaining the -gtk only versions.

The patches are now upstream, so they're no extra patching work... And
as long as Gauvain can merge them, I don't understand why we should
drop them (and if he doesn't have the time, I'll merge them).
Switching to the gnome build is irrelevant since a gtk only build

> Also I want to know what are squeeze's advantages and drawbacks over
> file-roller and why it was replaced, ommitting the argument that it is
> made  for Xfce, as that is largely irrelevant to users.

Xubuntu ships Xfce, not Ubuntu+two or three changed packages... and
no, the "Xfce argument" isn't irrelevant, please re-read Jérôme
If squeeze isn't stable (it crashes actually), we'll drop it of course.

> - * (xfce4-taskmanager)
> + * (gnome-system-monitor)

xfce4-taskmanager works fine (the hardy upload, not the
rc-which-doesn't-exist-upstream you did upload in the previous
release), so there's no need to use g-s-m.

> - * xfce4-places-plugin
> + * (xfce4-places-plugin)

That's enabled in the default panel, so recommending it only is rather

> + * gnome-mount

It creates several issues with thunar, especially two dialogs showing
up when it fails, and errors messages not correctly forwarded with

> - * xscreensaver
> - * screensaver-default-images
> - * xscreensaver-gl # MRS, we will only ship a subset of the
> screensavers from rss-glx and xscreensaver
> - * xscreensaver-data # subset package for the non-gl screensavers we ship
> + * (gnome-screensaver)
> + * (screensaver-default-images)
> + * (xscreensaver-gl) # MRS, we will only ship a subset of the
> screensavers from rss-glx and xscreensaver
> + * (xscreensaver-data) # subset package for the non-gl screensavers we ship

Do you read bug reports?
gnome-screensaver has a big security issue with xfwm4 when compositing
is enabled... it is transparent as well, so you can see the desktop
through the screensaver, even if it's locked.

> + * (gnome-games)

Nothing to say here, that's ok for this one.

And btw, a big thanks for messing with the seeds when there are issues
building our isos and releasing an alpha 4, really...


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