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Well, at least its good to hear that my issue was not just my massive 
I guess I have no choice but to hold further comment on gstreamer vs. xine 
until I have the opportunity to run a hardy install

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> În data de Lu, 04-02-2008 la 09:37 -0500, vidd a scris:
>> So does this mean that future installs are going to require hunting down 
>> the
>> multitudes of gstreamer apps for remaoval to install xine so that totem 
>> will
>> actually work? (I have never had any success in getting totem to work 
>> with
>> gstreamer back-end, while xine back-end works flawlessly)
>> vidd
> Try the Hardy version! Now totem can recognize suitable codes for MP3
> and DIVX. I'm happy with the new totem version and I'm using it instead
> of gnome-mplayer.
> It did not work before... and in Gutsy it was even harder because you
> need w32codecs.
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