Daily ISO image testing

Charlie Kravetz cjk at teamcharliesangels.com
Thu Dec 25 03:17:54 UTC 2008

I have been testing the daily iso images. There are a couple of bugs
in them. 

Serious bug, we still don't have the desktop cd working. I did save
the /var/log directory from this, so let me know if any logs are needed
that are not attachments.
Xubuntu Jaunty 9.04 desktop cd does not contain correct window manager

Less serious, but an annoyance for those who realize what is happening
during an installation:
Jaunty still refuses to recognize an existing /swap on a different
partition than the drive being partitioned. Saved the /var/installer
logs from this one. It seems harmless.
Xubuntu Jaunty 9.04 guided-use entire disk install does not see
existing /swap on any disk

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