Things that should be done early on in the Xubuntu release cycle

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Wed Dec 24 18:09:56 UTC 2008

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 8:06 PM, David Collins <david.8.collins at>wrote:

>  If most people think it is a good idea to uncheck "Save session for future
> logins" as a default, then go ahead.
> I might be unusual, but when I started using Xubuntu (coming from Windows)
> this was a feature that impressed me.  Windows XP remembers if you have
> explorer running when you exit (and I think that is just an accident of
> programming), and that's about it.  If this feature hadn't been on by
> default in Xubuntu, then it might have taken me a year to discover it - well
> a couple of months. :)
> In the end, with requests like this, I guess you have to make some sort of
> intelligent guess about what you think the majority of new users would like.
> Well, I suppose many would like it, but it's also a source of many problems
which alone might be reason enough not to do it.
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