Xubuntu Developer/Community Meeting Minutes for Saturday December 20th 2008

Cody A.W. Somerville cody-somerville at ubuntu.com
Sun Dec 21 01:34:42 UTC 2008

Hello Folks,

 We had a very successful Xubuntu meeting today! Thanks to all those who

==== In Attendance ====

 * vinnl
 * mschemerii
 * gpocentek
 * jeromeg
 * charlie-tca
 * cody-somerville
 * j1mc
 * JPohlmann
 * knome

==== Minutes ====

 * Charlie Kravetz joined the Xubuntu Team as the Xubuntu QA Lead.
Charlie will head up our QA, bug triage, and image candidate testing
 * Charlie Kravetz accepted the action to send reminders to the
mailing list about upcoming test days; improving the test cases on the
wiki; and working with the Ubuntu QA team to resolve some minor issues
with the QA ISO Tracker website.
 * It was agreed that having a list of people on the wiki who we know
can perform certain tests (ie. amd64) would be a good idea. Charlie
Kravetz, by default, accepted this action item.
 * Jerome announced a new release of xfce4-screenshooter plugin was upcoming.
 * Jim Campbell accepted the action of scheduling a meeting to discuss
documentation efforts for Jaunty.
 * General consensus was reached on the proposed Jaunty roadmap. Cody
Somerville accepted the action of sending out an e-mail detailing the
roadmap to the mailing list.
 * A meeting schedule heuristic was agreed on and Jim accepted the
task of drafting the actual schedule: {{{
<cody-somerville> I propose an official meeting monthly
<cody-somerville> but I encourage sub-teams to get together as often
as they'd like
<cody-somerville> and I definitely encourage spontaneous meetings in
#xubuntu-devel when ever people fancy :)
<j1mc> We'll move them to Sundays and see how things work.  I'll try
to avoid major holiday weekends.
 * Folks recapped their experiences at UDS {{{
<cody-somerville> Unfortunately I didn't get to participate in the all
the great sessions as much as I would have liked on a count of being
sick most of UDS, a close friend dying while I was down in San
Francisco :(, and being busy with OEM Services stuff. However, from
the sessions I did participate in and the time I was able to spend
with the folks from the Xubuntu community, I'd say overall it was a
very productive get together.
<cody-somerville> We discussed a number of important issues, built
friendships, got a better understanding for how each other work
(specifically with regards to Xfce4, thanks to Jannis for making the
long trip), and fleshed out some ideas for Jaunty
<cody-somerville> Among our accomplishments at UDS, we: fleshed out a
first draft roadmap for Jaunty, discussed artwork for Jaunty
<cody-somerville> discussed how to grow the Xubuntu community, and
plans for xfce 4.6 in Jaunty
<cody-somerville> The jist of our discussions are documented in gobby
documents at gobby.ubuntu.com
<cody-somerville> I'm hoping to turn them into specs (or get people to
volunteer to turn them into specs)
<knome> I think it was really great to meet the guys at UDS and we
definitely were productive. Also it was nice to get in touch with the
Ubuntu community in general to make some connections with other
artists and teams which might be able to help us.
<knome> Even if Cody wasn't available all times, we got work done and
things going forward - and fast.
<JPohlmann> So, first of all it was great meeting (almost) everybody
and being able to discuss face-to-face. I think after the docs
session, we have a rough idea in mind on how this collaboration could
work at least. I'm really hoping that we can form a joint team for
<JPohlmann> One thing that clearly needs more discussion is *how* we
want the documentation to be written and with which technologies.
<JPohlmann> We also discussed the main complaints in Xubuntu and how
to solve them for jaunty, like disappearing panels, non-fd.o-compliant
menu, samba/network browsing in Thunar etc.
<JPohlmann> I think NCommander started to backport Xfce 4.4.3 to
intrepid I think.
<JPohlmann> And the idea to port the user switcher applet to the xfce
panel came up. Not sure who's going to work on that though ;)
<JPohlmann> I guess that's it.
NCommander was unavailable }}}

The meeting lasted roughly 1.5hrs and we were able to cover all but the last
two topics (which are standing) on the agenda which we will follow up at the
next meeting.

As you might guess from some of the meeting notes above, you can be
expecting a few more e-mails from me and other folks before the end of the
year. However, before I go, there are a few quick things I'd like to note:

1. Thanks to all those who helped test the latest alpha! W00t! :)
2. Please remember to update the Monthly Team Report page!!  See
3. If you are drafting a specification, they must be completed before
January 15th at the latest (an arbitrary date I just made up). :)
4. Start getting excited cause Jaunty is going to be one heck of an awesome
release!! :)
5. w00t w00t w00t


Cody A.W. Somerville
Software Systems Release Engineer
Custom Engineering Solutions Group
Canonical OEM Services
Cell: 506-449-5899
Email: cody.somerville at canonical.com
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