Things that should be done early on in the Xubuntu release cycle

Eddy Martin hpp3 at
Tue Dec 16 18:19:51 UTC 2008

Good ideas all around. I'm especially curious about the last item.
Historically KDE and Gnome have had their own preferred naming scheme for icons and whatnot, so I assume Xfce has as well (I never researched it thoroughly before now...), but I wonder...

I'm finding out how difficult it is to convert a package from Gnome to Freedesktop (I'm making a valiant attempt to convert the Nuvola set from gnome-theme-extras as an intellectual exercise...), so would it be too much to ask theme devs to update their sets to conform to the Freedesktop spec and is that the goal here? 
Speaking of which, how well do the three environments support the Freedesktop spec?
I heard rumors of KDE4 being fully Freedesktop compatible, and I've noticed Xfce icon sets that follow as well, but how far does that go?

As for other suggestionss, I'll ruminate and post later.

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There are a few issues that always pop up at the end of the release cycle when it's too late to implement them, so I'd like to list some of them here again so they might perhaps be attended to.

These are the things I could come up with off the top of my head, but please add any others:
 * Add/Remove... should (also?) be a direct child of the Applications: , and
  * Thunar needs a "Find in this folder" action:
  * [needs-packaging] GNOME-colors icon theme:


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