I'd love to help

Eddy hpp3 at lavabit.com
Thu Aug 21 16:43:19 UTC 2008

Hey all, 
I've used Xubuntu since 6.04 and previously used Xfce on Slackware 
since ver. 8 (I think that came with Xfce 3.3...).

I have come to really like the direction this distro is going and 
would love to help where I can.
What can I do?

I've got some (limited) shell scripting under my belt, I'm learning 
perl by reading "Learning Perl" one.page.at.a.time, and I've done a 
few svg icons that made me smile.
Where I think I could help the most is in the area of documentation. 
I've a good eye for spelling and grammar (most of the time...), and 
sometimes I like to think I write well. 
I could be wrong on that.

Also, being on dial-up internet access, I have personally maintained a
copy of theXfce modem dialer plug-in. I hear there is no official 
maintainer for it, and it's no longer a part of Xfce proper as dial-up
is going the way of the buffalo.
But if there's sufficient interest, I can test builds and make 
packages, hmm?

Like most folks, I don't have acres of time, but I would be eager to 
share what I have.
Any areas of this project that could use a spare set of eyes and a few
keystrokes, let me know.


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