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Mon Aug 4 20:28:55 UTC 2008

jmak wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 6:15 AM, Vincent <mailinglists at> wrote:
>> On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 2:57 AM, jmak <jozmak at> wrote:
>>> If we pick Unity as our default theme the panel color should be:
>>> bg[NORMAL] = "#d6d6d6"
>>> -Add this line to the panel code just above the 'xthickness = 0' line.
>> As Jari said, that should be a modification of Unity of course :) (Wasn't it
>> possible to specify application-specific background colours? I believe there
>> even was an option to theme panels. If so, this might even be an idea to
>> suggest upstream :)
> Yes, that would be the ideal. But unity already packgaged and in the
> repository. I personally don't know how to modify the theme to include
> the panel color. I might ask the author, maybe he can give some clues.
> But if from whatever reason, the modification wouldn't be possible;
> would it be acceptable adding a workaround suggestion to the
> documentation that explain how to comment out the line from the
> gtkrc-2.0 if need be, or changing the color to something else. I can
> write this part of it if necessary.

You should be able to move the required line(s) from your gtkrc-2.0 to

By the way, I found an article from April 2007 in your blog that details
the necessary gtkrc changes to set the Xfce panel color. It seems the
single color definition wasn't enough by itself back then:

style "panel"
bg[NORMAL] = "#d6d6d6"
xthickness = 0
ythickness = 0

widget_class "*Panel*" style "panel"
widget "*Panel*" style "panel"
class "*Panel*" style "panel"

I substituted the color you specified in your mail, otherwise that's a
direct quote from the blog entry. You can find the entry here:

I don't claim to know the gtkrc format, but it seems you should be able
to make sure the style is only applied to the xfce panel by using more
specific widget and style names. That way there would seem to be no
reason not to include it in the upstream theme. I'd assume that as is
the theme would be applied to any gtk widget with "Panel" as part of
it's name. The friendly people on the xfce-dev mailing list would
probably be able to tell you which widgets you should be interested in.

- Jari

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