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Fri Aug 1 00:43:10 UTC 2008

TO:  Mark Shuttleworth,


I agree with the fact that Linux (Ubuntu in this case) desktops must become
art. It's been critical for me that Linux become extremely user friendly,
not only for ease of use by newbies, but also by those who may want to try
Linux but don't have, and never will have, the inclination to delve into the
heart of the OS. All most people want the OS to do is work and do what they
want and not create nightmares when they need to add something.


At this point, several Linux Distros have accomplished that task nicely -
for the most part - but the one factor that will really make Linux stand out
is the artistry of the appearance and performance of the operating system. I
like my Vista Ultimate because I can put an animated desktop on it and still
use the system (yes, icons can still be on the desktop). The Vista Ultimate
system will actually run mpg files as desktops, so I can have my spinning
planet earth or my beautiful waterfalls and still do my work. Also, as a
computer business owner, my personal desktop has impressed my customers so
much, several have said they purchase new computers and went ahead and opted
for Vista Ultimate instead of XP Pro simply because of the appearance of my


I know Ubuntu can display animated desktop, but you can have icons on the
desktop at the same time, and it involves some kind of root code line (or
something like that) to make it work; and it's really just using a
screensaver as your desktop. Not very handy, not the least bit impressive
and more trouble than most people are willing to extend. I hope the
programmers will rise to the challenge and make a way for mpg files to be
used as desktop, the way Vista does. The nice thing about that is that I
could then import my Vista mpg's and use them in Linux. Do that and people
will be really impressed!


For example, have you notice how may cars a manufacturer can sell by giving
it an impressive name, a special paint job and some fancy extra accessories?
It's still a machine with an internal combustion engine, seats to sit in and
a steering wheel, but people will parade it around like it's a diamond on
wheels, and lots of people will jump on the band wagon to get one. That's
what you need to do with Linux. It's already the most stable, and useful OS
in the world, now make it look the way people want it to look and you'll
open whole new vistas (pun intended) for Linux.


Also, one more thing.. Give the desktop icons and start bars some 3D
appearance and functionality. Just look at Windows (again - especially XP
and Vista) and you'll see what I mean. Vista does a nice job of jazzing up
the progress bars, and making the "Start" icon look really 3D. take a hint .


Love Ubuntu and will keep working with it.


Lewis M. Fulkerson

CowboyTech System <> <> 


115 Holly St.

Perry, OK 73077

(580) 336 -7258


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