Side effect of making xubuntu-devel a member of xubuntu-team

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Sat Apr 26 16:31:25 UTC 2008

Hi All,

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 8:15 PM, Cody A.W. Somerville <
cody-somerville at> wrote:

> A side effect of making xubuntu-devel a member of xubuntu-team is that
> xubuntu-devel at is now getting all the xubuntu-team bug
> mail, seed branch change notifications, etc. etc. This can either be a good
> thing or a bad thing.
> If we keep it the way it is:
> 1. People can subscribe to this mailing list for development discussion and
> for bug e-mail (no need to join the xubuntu-team)
> 2. Xubuntu-team could be reserved for individual who are fulfilling a
> leadership role within our community
> 3. Able to easily discuss bug reports and seed changes
> Or we could either remove xubuntu-dev from xubuntu-team or remove the
> contact address (this mailing list) from xubuntu-dev.
> Thoughts, comments, suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Cody

As someone who has focused primarily on the documentation, I find the deluge
of bug reports on the mailing list a little overwhelming.  And I think it
also increases the signal-to-noise ratio for discussions on the list - it
makes it easier for a discussion to get lost.

I'd be willing to take myself off of the Xubuntu team list if others want to
keep things this way, but  I'd prefer to not receive bug reports from

Just my $0.02 USD,

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