Doubt about .PPT

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Wed Apr 23 11:11:25 UTC 2008

Gauvain Pocentek wrote:
> Jelle de Jong wrote:
>> ivanv at wrote:
>>> Hi fellows,
>>> I'm using Ubuntu since about 3 years, especially Xubuntu due to it's  
>>> good performance in low profile PCs, I'm really good surprised with  
>>> those results. BTW I want to congratulate all of developer team for  
>>> Xubuntu, however my email is not for praise, I have a doubt about  
>>> recommended software.
>>> In my last "case of use" I'm trying to use only GTK software to  
>>> achieve the best performance (at least I think so), It's not matter of  
>>> "GTK's religion", the really thing is I'm trying keep in use a very  
>>> old laptop (only 64Mb of RAM). So far so good, I'm using Xubuntu and  
>>> everything is working fine (really fine !!!). In this case is really  
>>> impossible to use Gnome or KDE's based application and I tried it.
>>> My only problem is with powerpoint presentations. I've browsed a lot  
>>> in Internet without get anything really useful. Most of the people  
>>> only recommend OpenOffice and KOffice. Other recommend me to try using  
>>> pptHtml tool but it only accepts 95/97 formats and moreover only send  
>>> to stdout the text so its results are quite poor. Finally others use  
>>> pptview but it's not a native Linux program so I have to run it over  
>>> wine, so I don't think it'll be a good choice. Before trying with  
>>> pptview I want to try with other native solution so that's why I'm  
>>> here asking your opinions/experiences/recommendations. In the Xubuntu  
>>> Desktop Guide I found (under Finding the Right Program) useful  
>>> software recommendations  but none about presentations (porwepoint or  
>>> .PPT). Can you help me with some recommendation ??.
>>> Thanks a lot in advance
>>> ivan
>> Hi Ivan,
>> Learn Latex, there are good books out there, use Geany to write and edit 
>> it and use xpdf to present it. This is the best way to create 
>> professional presentations that work on every machine. (32> Mem)
> latex can read .ppt's? I didn't know that...

No LaTeX can not read *.ppt files, with LaTeX you can create very good 
presentations in open standard *.pdf format. It was an advice on the 
good presentation software for Linux question.

> Ivan, I've been looking for such software too, but AFAIK only openoffice can
> do the work (speaking of GTK apps). If you find something else please let us
> know.
> Gauvain

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