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Mon Apr 21 22:34:42 UTC 2008

Hi fellows,
I'm using Ubuntu since about 3 years, especially Xubuntu due to it's  
good performance in low profile PCs, I'm really good surprised with  
those results. BTW I want to congratulate all of developer team for  
Xubuntu, however my email is not for praise, I have a doubt about  
recommended software.
In my last "case of use" I'm trying to use only GTK software to  
achieve the best performance (at least I think so), It's not matter of  
"GTK's religion", the really thing is I'm trying keep in use a very  
old laptop (only 64Mb of RAM). So far so good, I'm using Xubuntu and  
everything is working fine (really fine !!!). In this case is really  
impossible to use Gnome or KDE's based application and I tried it.
My only problem is with powerpoint presentations. I've browsed a lot  
in Internet without get anything really useful. Most of the people  
only recommend OpenOffice and KOffice. Other recommend me to try using  
pptHtml tool but it only accepts 95/97 formats and moreover only send  
to stdout the text so its results are quite poor. Finally others use  
pptview but it's not a native Linux program so I have to run it over  
wine, so I don't think it'll be a good choice. Before trying with  
pptview I want to try with other native solution so that's why I'm  
here asking your opinions/experiences/recommendations. In the Xubuntu  
Desktop Guide I found (under Finding the Right Program) useful  
software recommendations  but none about presentations (porwepoint or  
.PPT). Can you help me with some recommendation ??.
Thanks a lot in advance

Iván Valdés

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