[Bug 202174] Re: Please update to version 2.6

msevior msevior at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 11:24:23 UTC 2008

I can't see anything wrong on my fedora 8 build.

Can you give me some hint as to what the bug is?



On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 7:27 PM, Ryan Pavlik <cezpi4y02 at sneakemail.com> wrote:
> I can confirm that bug, Lionel.  It is not a packaging bug, I believe,
>  as no source patches touch related code - please re-file it separately
>  in Launchpad and upstream. http://bugzilla.abisource.com.  (It is
>  possible it is an Ubuntu-only bug attributable to something in X or
>  similar, as I'm not exactly sure how close of interaction we have with
>  the scroll wheel.)
>  --
>  Please update to version 2.6
>  https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/202174
>  You received this bug notification because you are a direct subscriber
>  of the bug.
>  Status in Source Package "abiword" in Ubuntu: New
>  Bug description:
>  Binary package hint: abiword
>  Abiword 2.6 will be released in the next few days. Please include it in hardy, it has a lot of bugfixes. List of changes from the beta versions release notes:
>  # The addition of a new experimental OpenXML import filter
>  # A Windows port of the experimental AbiWord Collaboration plugin:
>  # Improved start-up time on Windows systems
>  # Support for native Windows Vista menus
>  # Allow dragging and dropping images in and out of AbiWord (Unix)
>  # Quite a few improvements to the OpenDocument filter
>  # Improved RTF import filter (it handles fields now for example)
>  # Improved LaTeX equation input support
>  # Fast image previews in the Image dialog, even for huge images (Unix)
>  # Automatic font substitution using fontconfig when a specific font is not available (Unix)
>  # Numerous fixes to our import/export filters, most notably the OpenDocument filter
>  # Lots of fixes in our GTK+ frontend, such as fixing those pesky tooltips that just wouldn't go away
>  # A new Pango based renderer for Unix platforms, improving support for languages such as Thai and Arabic
>  # Cross platform libgsf integration, allowing the user to open files on remote shares (the last part holds for the Unix platform for now)
>  # Cross platform Glib integration, meaning less custom AbiWord specific code to maintain
>  # Support for the Bonobo component framework has been deprecated (Unix platforms)
>  # Improved the build system to be more standards conformant (for example, "make dist" and "make distcheck" now work)
>  # Experimental AbiWord GTK+ widget, with accompanying Python bindings
>  # Various toolbar improvements, most notably the improvements to make them work better on small screens (Unix platform)
>  # A massive amount of work on all of our popular import and export filters
>  # A new experimental collaboration plugin (only available on Unix for now)
>  # A new GNOME Office integration plugin, replacing the old GNOME Office Charting plugin (Unix platforms)
>  # Improved command line handling, allowing input from standard input, and output to be directed to standard output (examples here).
>  # Improved printing from the command line, deprecating our old custom postscript driver
>  # Lots of updates to our translations
>  # Various Drag & Drop and Clipboard handling improvements
>  # Improved modularisations for resource constrained devices, such as optional printing and spelling support
>  # Improved support for running AbiWord in non-UI mode (sometimes also referred to as "server" mode, as offered by the AbiCommand plugin); most notably the requirement for a (fake) X server has been removed.

Please update to version 2.6
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