[Bug 202174] Re: Please update to version 2.6

Ryan Pavlik cezpi4y02 at sneakemail.com
Mon Apr 7 10:22:31 UTC 2008

OK, I have a working PPA package up.  Left for me to do (hopefully
today) - work on the AbiWord Extras packaging (it should be in the main
binary package, I just need to compile it against an un-installed
package.  Should be pretty easy - I have the Fedora spec file that does
the same thing.), split out a few more plugins that require additional
dependencies, and double-check to make sure the control files are OK - I
know I'm missing some run-time dependencies.  I may also split out
abiword-dev.  Please go ahead and try out the package, and let me know
if you find any issues I haven't mentioned here.

I am going through the process required to upload packages as specified
by Daniel Holbach.

Please update to version 2.6
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