[Bug 56670] Re: Xubuntu needs a VNC server like vino is to Gnome

JP Vossen jp at jpsdomain.org
Sun Apr 6 07:08:06 UTC 2008

+1 for this.

I understand the point about light-weight.  But the other point behind
Ubuntu is it Just Works.  I've looked at some of the HOWTOs (e.g.,
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122402) and a) they don't do
the same thing since they run on :1+ instead of :0 like vino and b) they
are way too much like work.  Could I do it, sure.  Will I bother, no,
I'll switch back to Gnome, I've spent enough time goofing around with
this issue already.

As for a spec, how about:

Description: VNC server for [xfce]
 VNC is a protocol that allows remote display of a user's desktop. This package provides a VNC
 server that integrates with [xfce], allowing you to export your running desktop to another
 computer for remote use or diagnosis.

Xubuntu needs a VNC server like vino is to Gnome
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