[Bug 202174] Re: Please update to version 2.6

msevior msevior at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 06:43:58 UTC 2008

A few more points to support the inclusion of abiword-2.6.0 in th
eupcoming Unbuntu release.

This is a major update. Asking for a changelog is insane. It has be in
excess of 100,000 LOC. There is no way anyone is going to be able to
review that.

We have fixed hundreds of bugs since 2.4.6 which have not and will not
be backported to 2.4.x. The 2.4.x series is dead as far as we're

Our windows 2.6.0 release is now out in the wild. We have registered
over 300,000 downloads already. AbiWord-2.6.x will be included in
upcoming fedora, Mandriva and SUSE release.

AbiWord 2.6.x includes a brand new real-time collaborative editing
feature which allows Windows, fedora, SUSE and Mandriva users to
simultaneously edit their documents in real time.  This feature has
received rave reviews on OLPC machines (where it is included as the
within the Write word processor). If Ubuntu does not include 2.6.x,
Ubuntu users will miss out on this exceptional new feature, while their
Windows friends can happily interoperate.

Please update to version 2.6
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