Downloaded the Xubuntu Beta image, but Sabayon booted

Vincent imnotb at
Sat Sep 29 08:48:09 UTC 2007


Either this is a mistake on my side (which I fear it isn't) or somehow a
Sabayon Linux image ended up on

So what happened? Well, I downloaded the Xubuntu Gutsy beta image from [1]
(i386 Desktop CD) and burned it onto a CD yesterday. Today I booted from
that CD and all of a sudden I saw the Sabayon Linux boot menu. To be sure I
booted it, and indeed, it was Sabayon Linux. Then I just now checked the
image's MD5Sum which is the same as the one listed at [2].

Now, I'm quite sure I downloaded the image from [1] (well, obviously,
because its MD5Sum was correct). If it was a mistake from my side, it'll
probably be that I selected the wrong image when I tried to burn it.
However, I will have to check with my father because it was his PC I was
burning it on and if a Sabayon Linux image exists there, then he is the one
who will have downloaded that. He is asleep now however so I can't check
yet. In any case, I've done a search through my own home directory and the
image does not reside there (unless it's the one named

So, perhaps this is a mistake on my side, but I thought it would be better
to doublecheck, so if anyone could try this out (either by burning the image
from [3] to a CD and booting it or by running it in a Virtual Machine or
something) I would be very relieved, because I do hope and think (though I'd
be sincerely ashamed) that this is a mistake from my side.



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