CS Ubuntu

vaibhav khatavkar vaibhav.khatavkar at oscpro.in
Fri Sep 28 17:46:11 UTC 2007


       We intended to developed a Live CD which will be targeting
towards computer science student developers.
CS Ubuntu . ( Computer Science ) .


   1.  In Pune,India we have about 15000 students who are programmers.
In India 2-3 Lacks .
   2. We have Ubuntu as the solution but it does not provide all
development packages that he needs in one single setup.
   3. Many of them have fear in mind regarding "Linux" due to
partition table management . So they are not going to install Ubuntu
after first introduction .
   4. Having Live CD equipped with development environment will be
pretty useful to them ..
   5. Also we want XFCE Desktop because in India most of ppl have
128MB to 256MB of RAM .

What we intend to give with live cd  :

    *       LAMP stack
    *       c/c++ IDE
    *        ddd
    *        java IDE
    *        perl, python , ruby on rail
    *        umbrello
    *         bluefish,nvu , quanta+

We don't need office suit and other language stuff .

with regards,

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