Considering Totem instead Gxine

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Sun Sep 16 18:14:05 UTC 2007

On 16/09/2007, Freddy Martinez <freddymartinez9 at> wrote:
> > How many people honestly use Totem for their regular video
> > watching?
> I do if I'm not kubuntu (because kaffeine rocks). I used VLC for a
> long time on Windows, Ubuntu and Kubuntu and I have found that its
> just not viable to keep installing many players.  I'm in favor of
> using Totem for many reasons. As a member of the Mozilla Team, I will
> say that Totem and Firefox integration have made considerable growth
> in the last few releases. Secondly, the dependencies are already in
> Xubuntu which would make it real easy to place Totem in (and not
> inflate Xubuntu). Third, Totem is just better polished and more
> developed than Gxine.  I say we go with Totem and libxine as the
> backend but I wouldn't be suprised to see gstreamer as the backend.

What is your reasoning behind preferring libxine over gstreamer? DVD

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