Considering Totem instead Gxine

Vincent imnotb at
Fri Sep 14 13:45:16 UTC 2007

On 14/09/2007, Jani Monoses <jani at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been thinking lately of switching over to Totem for the following
> reasons besides the generic ones that were mentioned in the GNOME apps
> thread.
> - it is friendlier than gxine
> - we get another package co-maintained with Ubuntu lessening our bug
> triage
> - its dependencies are in already (although that was not a maneuver to
> get here!)
> - according to the threads here and the forum poll, gxine seems to be
> one of the top apps that are being switched out from a default install.
> The alternative is usually vlc or mplayer but we cannot include those
> - has a nicer firefox plugin
> Totem can use either gstreamer or libxine as a backend, here are the
> pros and cons I know
> totem-gstreamer
>   - gstreamer is the one used in Ubuntu so the maintenance argument
> applies
>   - gstreamer has integrated the codec wizard that downloads missing
> codecs when a certain media being played needs them
> - pidgin in xubuntu already depends on libgstreamer
> totem-xine
> - we keep the same functionality as with gxine only with a nicer GUI
> - has better DVD support than gstreamer
> well thought out and constructive comments welcome, regardless of their
> being for or against this change :)

Even if Totem would be found unsuitable, using an alternative for Gxine is a
good idea in my opinion, I don't think *anyone* actually uses it...

Anyway, I think if Gstreamer is already pulled in and also has the codecs
installation dialog, it is the preferred choice. But then again, I never
play DVD's, so I'm a bit biased and I don't know exactly what's wrong with
playing DVD's with Gstreamer.

The biggest objection I have against Totem is that it is labelled "Totem
Movie Player" while it is actually also the default for music files, so it's
actually a "Media Player", but well...

> Jani

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