Incoming GNOME apps

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Sat Sep 8 19:38:02 UTC 2007

At the meeting we agreed that we'll introduce some GNOME apps for Gutsy BETA.
They are the ones that we have brought up earlier and which are filling a gap
or are most requested by users.

1) file-roller in, xarchiver to universe. For 8.04 we can reevaluate the archiver apps
if the landscape changes. Currently none of the GTK only ones - xarchiver, squeeze and
ristretto are firendly enough for a novice to be worth their relative lightweightness.

2) brasero in, xfburn to universe (it's already there). For 8.04 if xfburn gets maintained again
and its bugs fixed we may reconsider.

The above two are not affecting LiveCD footprint or desktop memory usage as they are explicitly launched
and relatively short lived. The fact that they handle large buffers of data makes the memory used
by their code somewhat less relevant when looking at overall footprint

3) update-manager - the most requested missing app. But first I'd like to see it rid of libgnome
so it is somewhat lighter.

4) network-manager-applet - would be nice, again let's see if the Ubuntu maintainer (asac) accepts these patches

They will not be added all at the same time, for these two which are always running and thus consuming memory
I'd like to wait.

If there's more negative than positive feedback after users test the beta release we can always roll back to current
status. And all apps are added to recommends and can be replaced or removed without breaking the update path via


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