Nikolaj Baer nikolaj.baer at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 18:11:22 UTC 2007

That sounds like X is crashing..

If you do CTRL-F2 (get back to X with CTRL-F6 i think.. just hit all
the Fs til you find it :), you can log in outside of X. Look at your X
logs in /var/log/Xorg.log.1 (i think will show the most recent crash).

if xfce4-terminal is crashing, i would guess it might be a gtk2 issue,
perhaps fonts. Are there any other gnome based programs that exhibit
the same symptoms?


> Hello,
>     When I try to open *xfce4-terminal* my Old Dell L600r system kills
> all running applications and forces a re-login. It does not look like a
> full reboot. Attached are system information files.
>     I generated P3info with lspci -vvxxx > P3info
>     I hope they help put some light on the issue.
>     I would really like to keep Xubuntu 7.10 on this system but it is
> real troublesome to load up a special terminal program to get to a
> working command line terminal. Maybe I am suppose to get to a command
> line another way?
> Thanks,
> Dennis Swartz

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