new xubuntu scripts from tuxcrafter

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Fri Oct 26 14:20:10 UTC 2007

Hello everybody,

With the last gusty release a lot of xfce things changed so I remade
some of my support scripts and thought they would be nice for the
xubuntu website xbuntuguide etecetra.

I also created a compleet awsom Thunar script installer system for a big
script collection I created in the last cople of years. I am know going
to look for a MOTU mentor to learn how to package it for xubuntu.

Feedback is always welcome!

Best regards,


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# step 17: Setting up xfce desktop menu settings
cp /home/$USER/.config/xfce4/desktop/menu.xml
sed  -i -e '\%<app name="Help".*/>%d'
sed  -i -e '\%<app name="About Xfce".*/>%d'

# step 23: Setting up xfce workspaces settings
# xfce-setting-show workspaces
cp $HOME/.config/xfce4/mcs_settings/workspaces.xml
start='<option name="Xfwm/WorkspaceCount"'
sed -i -e "\%$start%s,$find,$replace,g"
killall -USR1 xfce-mcs-manager

-- -- --

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