mr_lars at mr_lars at
Sat Oct 20 13:56:11 UTC 2007

>  Both ubuntu and kubuntu use some kind of graphical advertisement  
> to make it stand out, maybe we could do something like that. What  
> does everyone else think? As far as the tour goes, I think that the  
> new design looks great.
> Yeah, I think with releases we could make a special update,  
> however, my knowledge of Drupal's CSS is too little for that...  
> Perhaps I'll make some graphic.

If Xubuntu is the fast flavour of ubuntu, why don't speed up the home  
page "imitating" the ubuntu home style with big texts and fewer images?
And maybe a smaller screenshot just to call the attention to the  
gallery link...

my two
regards, lars

ps needs to be updated

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