Strange Problem.

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Thu Oct 11 21:36:59 UTC 2007

Hi Dustin,

 This isn't a user help mailing list - please see xubuntu-users

 As for your error, it appears there is a problem reading from the cd.
You'll need to try a different/burn a new cd.


Cody A.W. Somerville

On 2/28/07, Dustin Cramer <dustin.cramer at> wrote:
> I'm having a very strange problem with not only Xubuntu but Plain Ubuntu
> also.
> When I put one of the cd's in and try to start (X)Ubuntu I can get to
> just past the first Menu (Start or install, Start in Graphics Safe
> etc.). It says Laoding the Kernel, ("Uncompressing Linux... Ok,
> booting kernel.") then goes to a list as follows:
> Loading Essential Drivers...     ok
> Mounting root file system...   ok
> Mounting mount points... ok
> Adding Live CD user...
> Then goes back to a black screen and says:
> "Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting kernel.
> _"
> and It acts like a command line but if you type something and hit
> enter it doesn't do anything. You can just keep typing and typing.
> It's only done one thing other that that, and only once.
> It only got to "Mounting root file system... " not "Adding live CD user.."
> Then it whent back to the: "Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting kernel"
> Then started with:
> "[######.#####] Buffer I/O error on device hdc, logical block #"
> For pages and pages and ended with a few different errors I couldn't
> read before it just whent black and non-responsive.
> I'm completely lost and I'm out of idea's. You Seen or heard of this
> before?
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