testing daylies

Jani Monoses jani at ubuntu.com
Sun Oct 7 15:34:05 UTC 2007

There are less and less chances of getting bugs fixed with the release 
closing so if we want to avpoiod the usual post release surge of reports
please test the daily images.

A new thing worth checking out in the latest is passing the 
only-ubiquity parameter to the kernel (use F6 in the boot menu)
It will only launch ubiquity no the whole desktop. It was introduced to 
enable Ubuntu installs on 256M machines, but I am sure it now helps 
Xubuntu Live with its mem requirements. So please check it out it may 
even run in 128M but should definitely no longer need 256 as it does

A few things I observer today and would like fixed in the release:
the new theme has some black band around and on the side of the widgets.
It is kind of ugly, it is part of the theme or an artifact?

the places menu is broken, it crahsed whenever mounting existing 
unmounted partitions. If it is not corrected by release it should be 
removed from the panel since when it crashes it sometimes repeatedly 
pops up error dialogs with no clear way how to kill them for good.

Anyone else seeing these?

Then there's the panel-less boot up which is yet to be figired out.


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