"Help" launcher in panel points to Xubuntu Desktop Guide

Jani Monoses jani at ubuntu.com
Sun Oct 7 15:27:09 UTC 2007

Jim Campbell wrote:
> Thanks, Jani,
> On 10/6/07, *Jani Monoses* <jani at ubuntu.com <mailto:jani at ubuntu.com>> wrote:
>     I have changed this two days ago in the xubuntu-default-settings upload,
>     to  if it still not /usr/share/ubuntu-artwork/home/index.html.
>     Now that I think about it that will only point to xubuntu docs if one
>     does not install ubuntu-desktop... 
> so if someone were to install ubuntu-desktop, they would see ubuntu docs 
> through that link instead of xubuntu docs?

right. It is because for us the docs are the same as the ff startpage 
whereas in gnome they are different documents.

>     the problem with a direct link as opposed to a link to an
>     alternatives-controlled symlink is that localized versdons are not
>     suuported. 
> so linking to file:///usr/share/xubuntu-docs/index.html would not be the 
> correct link if someone were to have a non-English version of the 
> documentation installed?
for docs to be locale aware we'd need alternatives as for the ff 
startpage. Gnome does well without those because libgnome figures out 
the locale and calls yelp with the correct path.
We unfortunately do  not have xubuntu-docs translated AFAIK so the issue 
is not that big.


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