serious bugs?

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Thu Oct 4 21:13:52 UTC 2007

Hi Jani,

On 10/4/07, Jani Monoses <jani at> wrote:
> Are there any serious bugs (Xubuntu specific, not hw support) in the
> latest daylies?
> The only one that is being reported quite often since edgy is the
> disappearing panel on the liveCD.
> Jani

I've downloaded the nightlies for i386 desktop and alternate install cd's.
It might be kind of late tonight, but I'll do a test installation of both of
them this evening.

One bug that I still notice is how, just after fully entering the GDM login
information, the screen briefly shows ubuntu-brown instead of the default
Xubuntu colors.  I know that this has been a known bug since early in the
release cycle (sorry, I don't have the bug number with me now), but I'm a
bit surprised to still see it.

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