Most ideal way to autostart processes

Jani Monoses jani at
Thu Oct 4 06:41:27 UTC 2007

Mario Limonciello wrote:
> Jani,
> I poked asac in -devel a few days ago and reminded him to include the network
> manager update.  You guys can probably add it to your seeds now and be ready to
> go :)
> It's in ours right now as a depend on mythbuntu-desktop, but I may just make it
> a recommend instead if someone wants to remove it possibly.

it has been in the xubuntu-desktop for a while as a recommends, it just 
did not start because of the autostart file being in the wrong place.

> Jani Monoses wrote:
>> XDG dirs is a colon separated list of paths, can you not reuse Xfce 
>> stuff in /etc/xdg and only override from /etc/xdg/mythbuntu ?
>> In /usr/bin/startxfce4 we set such an override:
> Yeah, this makes much more sense.  We've got a few things that we are probably
> overriding that don't need to be overridden still.  I'll have to make sure to
> take those out at some point.
>> been replaced by gnome-system-tools now that this is no longer dependent 
>> on libgnome. x-s-t was built from same source package with a 
>> --disable-config optin that is no longer needed.
> Makes sense
>> I think it is fine as it is, but you'll probably see things that need 
>> adjusting. I'd say if possible reuse as much of the xubuntu startup 
>> scripts, and chnge XDG en vars in the wrapper script.
>> What are the things you use XDG disrs for?
> A whole slew of things.  These come to mind ( there are a few more i'm probably
> not thinking of however):
> - Menu
> - Background
> - Theme
> - Splash Screen
>> I intend to add that to default xubutu as well. It then should be 
>> started as any othe XDG autostart app.
> Yeah update-notifier is working as expected now that it xdg autostarts.  I added
> it to our seed.

it's in xubuntu as well. You are not depending on xubuntu-desktop I take 
it? Probably makes sense as there are apps which you do not need there.

> ---
> At a different note, who is going to be at UDS representing Xubuntu this year?
> I'm coming for the week and would love to meet some of you guys and join in on
> some discussion.  I don't have any ideas for improvement off hand yet since
> we're such recent new comers to the Xfce world, but I'm sure that some great
> ideas can be sparked.

I am not attending, but am not sure who is.


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