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> Hi,
> What is the default "interfaces" content, in xubuntu, in order to
> restore it?
> Because I've put the mess in it.
> I would like it to be compliant with the graphical "network manager" in
> xubuntu.

Unfortunately I'm not at my home computer right know, so I can't check, but
there's no need to anyway, because a little bit of Googling turned it up:

You need at least this I believe:

# The loopback interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

> PS: what is the "network manager" in xubuntu? I mean the name of the
> package...

In Feisty it's in xubuntu-system-tools:
Gutsy, for now, uses gnome-system-tools:

But that will be replaced by network-manager.

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