Jani Monoses jani at
Mon Oct 1 17:07:54 UTC 2007

jmak wrote:
> Hi Jani,
> I've just noticed your new project on distrowatch. Sounds pretty good.
> I've read the brief release notes; it doesn't mention that it is based
> on gnome or xfce.  Hopefully, I can take a look at it this week when I

it is based on Gnome, most newbies around here that I tried converting 
to Linux had a hard time with Xfce (desktop icon behaviour, no easy smb 
browser, less friendly panel applets). This is getting better with 
latest Xubuntu but I realized GNOME is better suited for them and indeed
it proved more successful  - after they upgraded their RAM to 512M :)
> get home. If you need help with the graphics let me know. The logo and
> the text a bit jagged and the logo has a touch egg shape, otherwise
> good.

thanks for the offer, I definitely need help with the graphics, we can 
talk in private about this.

As for the project: I indeed spent more time on this than Xubuntu lately 
seeing that if I want linux to spread locally (Romania) I need to focus
on some of the aspects that are not a priority or cannot be done for 
legal reasons in Ubuntu proper.


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