will be discussing xubuntu docs at xubuntu devel meeting

George Lesica glesica at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 03:00:18 UTC 2007

greetings doc people!

if anyone is interested in helping out with xubuntu docs for hardy, we
are having a xubuntu dev meeting wed. dec. 5th at 2030 utc in
#ubuntu-meeting on freenode.

one of the topics that will be discussed is the xubuntu docs. we hope
to be able to approve a roadmap for the docs at this meeting. check
the draft of that out here:

in addition to the "docs" we are going to try and focus on getting the
wiki up to speed, so if that sounds like an interesting project to you
let me know!

we will also have a large number of tasks identified that will be
perfect for people learning docbook and wiki editing so even if you're
new feel free to show up and get involved!

send me (or the list) an email if you are interested in helping out,
or just show up to the meeting if you can!

here is the tentative agenda for the meeting, keep in mind that when
writing docs it helps to keep up to date on development, so even the
non-doc portions will be interesting.

          o Should we use upstream SVN (xfce4) for new features for Hardy?
          o Re-evaluate gnome policy (Should we let more gnome apps in?)
          o How can we ensure a solid LTS?
          o Forwarding bugs upstream. Should we comment on existing
upstream bug reports or just link on launchpad?
          o Automated testing framework
          o ISO-Testing Team Leader
          o How can we get more people involved in Xubuntu from MOTU?
(See if Jono can come)
          o Can we develop an infrastructure to assist us? (ie. Bot to
report bugs or livefs run failures in x-devel, etc.)

      Xubuntu documentation road map; discussion and approve.

      Xubuntu Marketing:
          o  Who can look after Marketing for Hardy?

      Xubuntu Artwork:
          o Should more people get involved with Artwork?
          o Discuss current perspective' art plans for Hardy

hope to see you there!
-george (oldmanstan)

~ George T. Lesica
glesica at gmail.com

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