Xubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - Low Resource Showoff - 2007-11-14

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at powercraft.nl
Fri Nov 16 10:44:51 UTC 2007

Jelle de Jong wrote:
> Eero Tamminen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Wednesday 14 November 2007, Jelle de Jong wrote:
>>> This message contains the following attachment(s):
>>> Xubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - Low Resource Showoff - 2007-11-14.png (request
>>> due to size limits)
>>> Hello al,
>>> I just wanted everybody to see what a performance tweaked version of
>>> Xubuntu Gutsy Gibbon can look like. There are no changes made to the
>>> kernel. So it is possible to tweak it even more.
>>> http://imagebin.ca/view/8uPq8MTU.html
>>> http://imagebin.ca/download/8uPq8MTU.png
>> Erm.  It shows XFCE terminal taking 99MB of virtual memory of which 20MB is
>> resident.  On my (Feisty) Kubuntu desktop "konsole" takes currently 32MB
>> virtual memory of which 14MB is resident.  I'd say XFCE terminal needs a bit
>> of attention from Valgrind memcheck and massif tools...
>> It also seems that you don't have a session manager.  If you use gdm as your
>> session manager, by setting it to do autologin, you save quite a bit of
>> memory because it's its UI that uses most of RAM.  Gdm configuring doesn't
>> need any init scripts hacking and with autologin you still get the normal
>> Gdm login screen when you log out (instead of e.g. shutdown).
>> 	- Eero
> Yes, xfce4-terminal is a real memory eater, also libvte9 makes
> gnome-pty-helper tread every time a terminal is opened this is also not
> very nice. Not much I can do about this problem, because I seem to be
> the only person caring about it.
> I indeed don't use gdm but compiled a automatic login command. I like it
> that way. It's for an one user workstation, so its ok for me.
> Due to the memory model of Linux and its caching system, it's a bit
> tricky to connect memory use with performance. However it does say
> something about the needed memory for an application to be able to run.
> Kind regards,
> Jelle


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