New panel size

jmak jozmak at
Thu Nov 8 21:58:32 UTC 2007

OK. The panel needs a bit of a help to render the icons properly, like
gnome. The problem with the xfce panel is that it puts too much
padding around the icons, so when you change the size of the icon it
scales the icons too much.
To take out the padding try this; create an .gtkrc-2.0 file in your
home directory and put the following code into it. This significantly
improves the appearance of the icons.

style "panel"
  bg[NORMAL] = "#8c8e90"
xthickness = 0
ythickness = 0

widget_class "*Panel*"      style "panel"
widget "*Panel*"            style "panel"
class "*Panel*"             style "panel"

If you want to keep the original white dont put anything to the bg line.

Look at the attached image. The first one is 28 the second 32 pixels.
In my view both look good. But perhaps the 32 p. is a tad better.


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