Some thoughts about xubuntu hardy

i80and i80and at
Wed Nov 7 13:35:35 UTC 2007

As a disclaimer up front, I haven't used Xubuntu since Feisty
(although I did try out quite a few Gutsy tribe releases).  However, I
did use Xfce when I moved to Debian, and now I'm on pure Ubuntu
(although I'm thinking of installing Thunar and xfdesktop to replace
nautilus).  However, despite all this, I feel I should comment here.

On 11/6/07, jmak <jozmak at> wrote:
> In this spirit of radicalness let me propose a few ideas relating to
> xubuntu next release. The most radical among these  would be the
> suggestion of changing the current gnome layout back to the original
> xfce layout. This is why. The two panels layout is a usability
> disaster for older machines with small monitor size. It doesn't
> optimize but rather restricts the availability of valuable
> screen-space. The two oversized panels simply takes up too much
> precious screen estate that users of older computers would like to
> utilize to the fullest.

Eh?  The first thing I did when I installed Xfce on Debian was to make
my panel layout the same as it was in Xubuntu.  Every single-panel
layout I've seen for Xfce was messy and ugly.  But the current Xubuntu
panel is clean and attractive.  It doesn't distract you with a billion
buttons on the panels.  And if your video card can't handle 1024x768,
then your system is probably too slow to handle Xubuntu very well

> Notice the themed panel. It is medium gray, from the usability point
> of view make more sense than using the contrasty white. It provides a
> more appropriate background for the application launchers.

Now that I like.  It might be a tiny bit too dark, since it doesn't
seem to match the GTK+ theme somehow, but it's still an improvement.

> In the spirit of the above, I am proposing the following items to be
> considered for xubuntu Hardy. Some of the proposals require subtle
> fine-tunings but they are necessary to develop a consistent and
> polished look and feel.
> The list.
> 1) Let's go back to the original xfce panel layout.
> 2) Let's theme the panel
> 3) Add new icon theme-NuoveXT, the one we already agreed upon during
> feisty phase.
> 4) Take out the icon label backgrounds. They are distracting and are
> usability anomalies. And ugly too.

That's one of my favourite parts of xfdesktop.  I don't do much
wallpaper themeing, but I could easily see how this is useful.  It
allows the eye to read the name of each entry without needing to
re-parse the background to counteract any destructive effects the
wallpaper may have on readability.  Perhaps you could turn down the
opacity instead of removing it outright?

Again, I'm not too qualified to respond here (Sorry if my comments are
therefore not appreciated), but having used Xubuntu quite regularly in
days of yore (and having used Xfce for even longer), this is my 2
cents on this, seeing as how Xubuntu is probably the best showcase
distro for Xfce.


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