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2007/11/7, Vincent <imnotb at>:
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> > Hello all,
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> > In this spirit of radicalness let me propose a few ideas relating to
> > xubuntu next release. The most radical among these  would be the
> > suggestion of changing the current gnome layout back to the original
> > xfce layout. This is why. The two panels layout is a usability
> > disaster for older machines with small monitor size. It doesn't
> > optimize but rather restricts the availability of valuable
> > screen-space. The two oversized panels simply takes up too much
> > precious screen estate that users of older computers would like to
> > utilize to the fullest. Furthermore, copying the gnome layout prevents
> > xubuntu to develop a healthy personality, which is a fundamental
> > requirement for a brand. It is like in real life, you are original
> > when you are yourself, as soon as you try to imitate someone else you
> > become a fake. In addition, the traditional layout is much more
> > pleasing, but this is a matter of preference. It is my experience that
> > new users, when they have choices, always prefer the traditional
> > layout to the gnome mimic.
> From a usability point of view this is a disaster. Well, not a disaster,
> but not optimal too. The screen corners are the areas that are clicked most
> easily, so not placing anything there is terrible. A panel ought to be full
> width to at least be able to put e.g. the applications menu and a "Show
> desktop" button in the corners. I could agree with the top panel being
> removed because then you use the hot corner in the top right-hand side for
> the close button of windows, but a panel that is not full width is terrible.
> Furthermore, IMHO it looks weird, when you have a window open to be able to
> view the desktop.

You are right, the corners are important. This is the reason, why I don't
want a panel there: On my desktop, a right-click gives me the menu and since
I always like to have a menu at hand, at least one corner is always free.
Then there is the switching of the workspaces with the mousewheel. This also
can only be done on the desktop (or the pager, I know), but since "The
screen corners are the areas that are clicked most easily", this is more
simple. Then there is the option to have Compiz. With Compiz it's also
interesting to have a free desktop space to switch/rotate and the corners
can be configured to expose/scale... just when the mouse reaches them. If
you have configured the corners to trigger an expose, it's bad to have
buttons there.

I do really think that, even if the panels were to be kept, they should be
> decreased in size. 34px is *way* too large. I think 26px would be fine,
> perhaps a bit larger to be safe.


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