Some thoughts about xubuntu hardy

jmak jozmak at
Tue Nov 6 22:05:44 UTC 2007

Hello all,

It is time again to get some brainstorming about the next xubuntu
release, as it relates to graphic issues. Probably, some of you
already know that the ubuntu people are planning RAAAAADICAL changes
in ubuntu's look and feel, which involves as they said "radically
change the artwork and the theming behind the entire desktop from boot
all the way through to logout." The art mailing list has become very
busy and interesting ideas are flying around once again; it seems, the
changes will affect theming and the current color scheme; they want to
implement new theming engine (contemplating using murrina, hey, we are
ahead of them), a brand new set of icons, and a completely redesigned
boot splash.

In this spirit of radicalness let me propose a few ideas relating to
xubuntu next release. The most radical among these  would be the
suggestion of changing the current gnome layout back to the original
xfce layout. This is why. The two panels layout is a usability
disaster for older machines with small monitor size. It doesn't
optimize but rather restricts the availability of valuable
screen-space. The two oversized panels simply takes up too much
precious screen estate that users of older computers would like to
utilize to the fullest. Furthermore, copying the gnome layout prevents
xubuntu to develop a healthy personality, which is a fundamental
requirement for a brand. It is like in real life, you are original
when you are yourself, as soon as you try to imitate someone else you
become a fake. In addition, the traditional layout is much more
pleasing, but this is a matter of preference. It is my experience that
new users, when they have choices, always prefer the traditional
layout to the gnome mimic.

Here is a mockup; it shows the way, I envision the visual appearance
of our next release .

Notice the themed panel. It is medium gray, from the usability point
of view make more sense than using the contrasty white. It provides a
more appropriate background for the application launchers.

As the ubuntu people said, Hardy would be all about polish and usability.

In the spirit of the above, I am proposing the following items to be
considered for xubuntu Hardy. Some of the proposals require subtle
fine-tunings but they are necessary to develop a consistent and
polished look and feel.

The list.

1) Let's go back to the original xfce panel layout.
2) Let's theme the panel
3) Add new icon theme-NuoveXT, the one we already agreed upon during
feisty phase.
4) Take out the icon label backgrounds. They are distracting and are
usability anomalies. And ugly too.
5) New gdm.
6) New usplash--let see how is the new usplash re-write program will
affect the artworks' parameters.
7) New wallpaper
8) Keep the current murrina theme for the time being; however, if the
ubuntu people come up with better ones we might consider switching.
Look at some of the ubuntu proposals below, they are really great.
9) Customize the Gimp splash screen like ubuntu developers are
planning. I already suggested this a couple of releases ago but then
it was ignored. I still have the artwork, which can be implemented

Any thoughts?



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