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Vincent imnotb at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 12:53:28 UTC 2007

On 04/11/2007, Adi Roiban <adi at roiban.ro> wrote:
> Hi,
> Today I tried Xubuntu 7.10 and I want to thank you for this beautiful
> release. The integration of network-manager and brasero is great.
> Below is a list of questions and remark on the current xubuntu release
> that I noticed while installing xubuntu.
> Where is the launchpad project page for Xubuntu or should I report bug
> on specific packages from Ubuntu project?

Just on the packages from Ubuntu, since we use the same repo's.

Wrong file associating for image files "png,jpg, JPG" with GIMP.

I had them associated with Thunderbird, which is even more odd.

Gthumb is more friendly than gqview. Gthumb should be the default
> application for handling images.

Gthumb was decided against because it was slower. Perhaps it would be
reconsidered for future releases though, I don't know exactly how much
slower it is.

Sticky and shade should not make the default settings.


Transmission should be installed by default for bittorrent downloads.

BitTorrent downloads are not something you need by default IMHO. The only
use cases are downloading illegal music, or downloading legal music (from
e.g. Jamendo.com) and CD images of OS's, and perhaps some minor use cases.
The first one should not be supported of course, and the second one is more
something advanced users would do.

The user home folder should have some default folders like Music,
> Documents, Download, Movies.

That gives issues with localization. There was a freedesktop.org standard
but I guess it's a job for Xfce to implement that.

Places should be disabled by default.

It is.

Setting and System should be
> moved from Application menu into a different "System" menu, must like
> gnome.

I suppose that would take quite an effort, but I also don't really see the
use of it. Settings are something you set once and then don't really touch
that often, and System is only something administrators need. That means
that, when a user is not the administrator and has all his settings set,
there is a redundant menu on the panel taking up space.

As a general rule I think that Xubuntu should try to keep similarities
> with Ubuntu. In this case users of both versions could help each other
> and be more producetive when they switch systems.
> 24 pixel is a fair value for panel size. Trash applet is greater than 24
> pixels.

I agree that the panels are quite wide now by default. I didn't really use
to care but then I ran Xubuntu using an 800x600 screen resolution and then
it takes up lots of space.

All gnome system tools applications are great, but totem is not a good pick.
> When playing " Experience ubuntu.org"  totem memory usage is 18MB and
> with mplayer only 4MB.

Mplayer cannot be shipped by default because it contains restricted codecs
that are illegal to ship by default in some countries. Same goes for VLC.

Also Thunderbird is using much more memory than Claws mail.

Claws mail was decided against because (IIRC) it was too user-unfriendly but
especially because it was not maintained in the Ubuntu repo. Not sure if
that's still the case.

Audacious is not installed by default?


The grub menu entries are named "Ubuntu 7.10" and not Xubuntu.
> system-monitor is also displaying "Ubuntu" as the system name.

Yeah, that is indeed confusing. Not sure if it is possible to fix though.

> Adi Roiban

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