Xubuntu 7.10 feedback - while installing

Jani Monoses jani at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 5 08:58:39 UTC 2007

> Where is the launchpad project page for Xubuntu or should I report bug
> on specific packages from Ubuntu project?

on specific packages, as they are shared with Ubuntu.

> Wrong file associating for image files "png,jpg, JPG" with GIMP.

You mean they open in GIMP instead of gqview? That is a bug then
on xubuntu-default-settings. It installs

but maybe something else needs to be done as well.
> Gthumb is more friendly than gqview. Gthumb should be the default
> application for handling images.

For 7.10 we made the switch to GNOME apps for which the alternatives
were unmaintained,buggy or too unintuitive. While Gthumb (and many GNOME
apps) are clearly friendlier than ones in Xubuntu we did not move over
to all of them. The possibility is not ruled out, but it will be up
to those who develop Xubuntu 8.04.

> Sticky and shade should not make the default settings.
We did not change upstream Xfwm settings. What is wrong with those two?

> Transmission should be installed by default for bittorrent downloads.
Sounds good to me, I have tried it and it's nicer than gnome-btclient.
I wonder if it should be default in Ubuntu as well, it may be worth
discussing that with #ubuntu-desktop devs.

> The user home folder should have some default folders like Music,
> Documents, Download, Movies.

I am not sure if support for xdg-user-dirs needs integration with 
thunar-vfs or not, this is surely a nice goal for 8.04.

> Places should be disabled by default. Setting and System should be
> moved from Application menu into a different "System" menu, must like
> gnome.

One of the oldest requests. Someone needs to write the code for it, and
upstream is not doing it. Would be indeed very good to have the places
applet in there but 4.4 does not accept new features and 4.6 is nowhere 

> As a general rule I think that Xubuntu should try to keep similarities
> with Ubuntu. In this case users of both versions could help each other
> and be more producetive when they switch systems.
That has been the goal from the beggining and that is why we made quite 
some (controversial) changes wrt upstream default.

> 24 pixel is a fair value for panel size. Trash applet is greater than 24 pixels.
Needs bug filed on thunar as it provides the trash. It may be filed 
already there are quite a few icon size issues in LP.

> All gnome system tools applications are great, but totem is not a good pick.
> When playing " Experience ubuntu.org"  totem memory usage is 18MB and
> with mplayer only 4MB.
mplayer and audacious are shipping possibly illegal codecs so cannot be 
in main and shipped on CDs. Fixing totem would be nice though although 
it is likely a xine not a frontend issue. Can you try and see what 
totem-gstreamer consumes on the same file?

> while running update-manager is a monster. on my system gnome system
> monitor is reporting 51MB
> http://adi.roiban.ro/public/attach/Screenshot.png

File a bug on it, but I do not think it is a priority for u-m.
Luckily it is not an app you run often.

> Also Thunderbird is using much more memory than Claws mail.

One of the oldest threads here, short answer: yes, claws is way leaner,
but is less stable (more crashers reported) and not maintained in 
Ubuntu. As a general rule since we are only a handful in xubuntu we pick
apps that are likely to be well supported by other people and teams.
> Audacious is not installed by default?
> The grub menu entries are named "Ubuntu 7.10" and not Xubuntu.
> system-monitor is also displaying "Ubuntu" as the system name.
I think that is common to all *buntus, as you can have them all 
installed on the same partition. It denotes the OS not the flavour.


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